Monday, April 9, 2012

Project Possibility

I thought that for my project it would be interesting to explore some of Whitman's other work other than "Leaves of Grass."  After spending so much time with "Leaves of Grass" I'm curious about his other writing and seeing the evolution of his work outside of the edits of "Leaves of Grass."  I thought that it would also be interesting to write an original poem either directly based on a piece by Whitman or maybe framed after one of his poems.  In one of my other poetry classes from a previous semester we had to choose a poem that we had studied and liked and them write our own poem using that one as a template.  I enjoyed the project because with the framework already laid out it made room for creativity in other areas.  I thought it might be fun to choose a piece by Whitman for a project like this and sometimes I find that when working off of another poet's work I am able to discover something about my own writing and put an original twist.


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  2. Okay, a good start. But now the question to focus on is: how will this rewrite show me what you've learned about Whitman? E.g. the project is intended as a chance for you to overwhelm me with your Whitman expertise. (I see you've been spammed above?)

  3. Maybe I could do an analysis of a Whitman piece in addition to an original re-write.
    I could also include a description of how Whitman's style, thematic concerns, etc. influenced my piece.
    ...and yes spam, ughh.